Chapter 67 "Mulk" (English, Arabic and Urdu) (2023)

Chapter 67 "Mulk" (English, Arabic and Urdu) (1)

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Chapter 67 "Mulk" (English, Arabic and Urdu) (2)

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"Mulk Quran" English version

In the name of Allah, the Merciful and Merciful.

  • 1. Who also created the seven heavens. They see no contradiction in the creation of the Merciful. Then look again: Do you see any confusion?
    2. Then keep rolling your eyes – your gaze will come back to you, confused and tired at the same time.
    3. Of course, I have adorned this lower heaven with lamps, I have made them counselors of the devil, and I have prepared for them the punishment of burning.
    4. For those who do not believe in the Lord, the punishment of hell is evil.
    5. If thrown in, they will hear a loud groan as it rises,
    6. Almost exploded. Whenever a group is thrown in, their keepers ask them: Didn't the warners come to you?
    7. They said: Yes, indeed a warner came to us, but we denied it and said:AllahNothing was revealed, you just made a big mistake.
    8. They say: If we listen or think, we will not dwell in the fire.
    9. Or if he doesn't give you food, then who will give you food? Moreover, they persist in contempt and disgust.
    10. That they may confess their sins; until then (in goodness) they are captives in the burning flames.
    11. Whoever fears the Lord in secret will be forgiven and richly rewarded.
    12. Whether you hide or reveal your words, He knows what is in the hearts of men.
    13. Does he not know who the Creator is? He is the subtle knower, the knower.
    14. It is he who has made the earth subject to you, so walk about its wide open spaces and eat its food. For him was the resurrection (after death).
    15. Are you sure that the Lord of Heaven will not allow the earth to swallow you up? And voila! It vibrates.
    16. Or are you sure that the Lord of Heaven will not blow you a violent wind? Then you know how (true) my warnings are!
    17. Of course those who came before them also denied it, so what a (terrible) disapproval I am!
    18. Have they not seen how the birds above expand and contract (their wings)? Nothing but the merciful can sustain them. He is indeed the prophet of all things.
    19. Or who shall be your lord and help you against the Merciful? Unbelievers are nothing but delusion.
    20. So, are those who are prone more likely to be guided, or more likely those who are walking upright to be guided?
    21. Say: He created you and for you ears, eyes and a heart. A little thank you goes out to you!
    22. Said: He multiplies you on the earth, and you will be gathered to him.
    23. They said: If you tell the truth, when will this threat be carried out?
    24. You say: Knowledge belongs only to Allah, and I am just an ordinary warner.
    25. But when they see it near, the faces of those who disbelieve will become sad and will say: This is what you asked for in the past.
    26. You said: Have you ever thought that if Allah destroys me and my followers, He will have mercy on us, but who will protect the unbelievers from painful punishment?
    27. Say: He is the Merciful - we trust and rely on him. That way you know who made the obvious mistake.
    28. Say: Have you ever wondered who will bring you running water when your water runs out?
    29. (With) inkwells and pens and what they write!
    30. By the grace of your Lord you are not insane.

Mulk Koran PDF

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Transliteration of the Qur'an

Bismillahir Rahmaniel Rahim

  1. Tabalakal Razi Byadhir Murku Wa Huwa Allah Kuli Shane Khader
  2. Allazee Khalaqal Mawta Walhayaata Liyabluwakum Ayyukum Ahsanu ‘Amalaa: Download Allazee Khalaqal Mawta Walhayaata Liyabluwakum Ayyukum Ahsanu ‘Amalaa free
  3. Alazi Karaka Saba Samawaddin Tibakam Matala Fe Kargil Rahmani Min Tafaut Faji Il Basara Ha El Tara Min Fortur
  4. Zusammenfassung Jill Basara Kalatani Yankalib Ilekar Basara Kasianwa Huva Hassel
  5. Wa laqad zaiyannas samaaa’ad dunya bimasaa beeha wa ja’alnaahaa rujoomal lish shayaateeni wa a’tadnaa lahum ‘azaabas sa’eer
  6. Wa lilazeena kafaroo bi rabbihim 'azaabu jahannama wa bi'sal maseer
  7. Izaaa ulqoo fehaa sami'oo hatte shaheqanw wa hiya tafoor
  8. Takadu Tamayazu Minar Ghez Kurama Urqiya Feha Fajon Sa Alahum Hazanatuhaa Alam Yatikum nazer
  9. Qaaloo 危险 Qad Jaaa'ana Nazeerun Fakazzabnaa Wa Qulnaa Maa Nazzalal Laahu Min Shai In Antum Illa Fee Dalaalin Kabeer
  10. Wa Qaloo Law Cut Nasma’u Awna’qilu Maa Cut Feee als Habis Sa’eer
  11. Fa'tarafoo is the source of Fasuhqal Li as Haabis Sa'eer
  12. Nerazina Yahshona Rabahum Biel Gabi Rahum Magfira Thongwa Ajlun Kabir
  13. Wa asirroo qawlakum awijharoo bih; innahu'aleem bizaatis sudoor
  14. Alaa ya’lamu man khalaqa wa huwal Lateeful khabeer
  15. Therefore I love the Lakumul Arda Zaloolan Famshoo Fee Manaakibihaa Wa Kuloo Mir Rizqih;
  16. "A-amintum man fissamaaa'i aiyakhsifa bi kumul arda fa izaa hiya tamoor."
  17. Am amintum man fissamaa'i ai yursila 'alaikum haasiban fasata'lamoona kaifa nazeer
  18. Varakad Kazabal Lazena Min Kablihim Fakefa Karna Naker
  19. Awalam Yaraw Ilat Tairi Fawqahum Justice of the Righteous; will give birth to Il'lar Rahmaan; Mug based on Innahoo Bikulli tea
  20. Amman Haazal Lazee Huwa Jundul Lakum Yansurukum Min Doonir Rahmaan;
  21. Amman Haazal Lazee Yarzuqukum serves food in the morning; Bal Lajjo Fee 'utuwwinw and Nufoor
  22. Afamai yamshee mukibban 'ala wajhihee ahdaa ammany yamshee sawiyyan 'ala Siratim Mustaqeem
  23. Click Download to save Kul Huwar Razi Ansha Akum Wa Jaala Rakumus Sam A Abu Sara Wa Afedah Kaliram Maa Taxkulon mp3 youtube com
  24. 说 huwal lazee zara akum fil ardi wa ilaihi tuhsharoon
  25. They are the chiefs of the Kuntusa Adikun Hazarwadu people
  26. Qul innamal 'ilmu 'indallaahi wa innamaaa ana nazeerum mubeen
  27. ra-awhu zulfatan seee’at wujoohul lazeena unglaubiger wa qeela haazal lazee kuntum bihee tadda’oon 的争端
  28. This means that people are able to improve their health
  29. Qul Huwar Rahmaan was the most loyal of the two
  30. Qul ara’aytum in asbaha maaa’ukum ghawran famai ya’teekum bimaaa’im ma’een

Arabic "Mulq"

in the name of Allah the Merciful, the Merciful

Praised be he, he has dominion in his hand, he has power over all (1)He created the dead and the living so that he could test you to see which of you did the best. He is omnipotent and forgiving (2)One by one who created the seven heavens what you see in the most merciful deviant creation so look back you - what you saw from breakfast on (3)Then direct your gaze back to the two balls, the gaze will frantically focus on you and then lose itself (4)I have decorated the heavens of the world with lamps and stoned two devils and caused them anger. See (5)Those who do not believe in their Lord will be punished in hell and their destination miserable (6)If thrown in, they will hear their smell as it bubbles (7)It's almost indistinguishable from anger. Whenever he met a group of them, he would ask them: Have you kept it? Has the warner not come to you (8)They said: "Yes, a warner came to us, but we denied it and said: 'Allah did not send anything. You just made a big mistake (9)'"They say: "If we listen or think rationally, we will not be companions of the flame."(10)So they confessed their sins and crushed the companions of the flames (11)Forgiveness and great rewards come to those who fear their Lord unseen (12)Or hide your words or say your words out loud. Verily he knows all that is in his heart (13)Does he not know who was created and is he subtle and conscious? (14)It is he who gave you the earth, so walk among the mountains and eat his food, the resurrection is his (15)If you believe that heaven will swallow you up, behold, they are dates (16)Believe it or not, God will send a calculator against you and you will know how to warn (17)Verily, all who went before them denied them. Then how did he judge her? (18)Don't they watch the birds overhead and only snatch the most merciful? All sees (19)Is this your army, the people who help you mercilessly? In fact, unbelievers are only deceived (20)Is that the one that gives you security? In fact, he didn't provide his supply. Instead, they resort to resentment and disgust (21)Are those who lie down and walk better guided? Can someone who walks upright walk straight? (twenty-two)Say: He is the one who created you, who created you to hear, hear and understand. Your gratitude is a small part (23).Say: It is he who scattered you over all the earth, to whom you will be gathered (24)You say when will that promise be fulfilled if you're honest (25)They say: "Knowledge belongs only to Allah and I am only a clear warning" (26)Therefore the faces of the disbelievers fell when they saw him coming, and some said: "You have prayed for this" (27)Say, “Did you think that God has destroyed me and those around me or has mercy on us? Who will save the unbelievers from painful punishment?" (28)They say: He is the most merciful, we trust him, we rely on him. Then you know who's obviously wrong (29)Said: “You see your water is already fresh. Who will send you specific water?” (30)

Koran Mulk hören | Mishari Rashid al-Arafasi


What is the chapter 67 of Al Mulk? ›

Al-Mulk (Arabic: الملك, "Sovereignty, Kingdom") is the 67th chapter (surah) of the Quran, comprising 30 verses. The surah emphasizes that no individual can impose his will on another; he may only guide and set an example (67:26).

What is Surah Mulk chapter 67 verse 2? ›

(67:2) Who created death and life that He might try you as to which of you is better in deed. He is the Most Mighty, the Most Forgiving; 4. That is, the object of giving life to man in the world and causing his death is to test him to see which of them is best in deeds.

Do you have to read Surah Mulk before bed? ›

surah mulk not only provides protection in this life and hereafter but will protect you in-between. In a hadith, it was mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) recommended reading Surah Mulk every night before going to bed. By doing so, it is said that you would be protected from the torment in the grave.

What happens if you read Surah Mulk? ›

1- Reading Surah Al Mulk gets your sins forgiven on Judgment Day. Many Hadiths notable scriptures advocate it. Undoubtedly, when a believer recites Surah Al Mulk, he recites it with a belief that it will intercede for the reciter's sins to be forgiven on Judgment day.

What is Surah Al Mulk verse 67 12? ›

(67:12) Surely forgiveness and a mighty reward await those who fear Allah without seeing Him. 19. That is, there are two inevitable results of fearing God unseen.

What is the 67 chapter of the Quran? ›

Surah Al-Mulk (Arabic text: الملك) is the 67 chapter of the Qur'an. The surah titled in English means “The Sovereignty” and it consists of 30 verses... Inspirational Quote: “Say, 'The knowledge is only with Allah, and I am only a clear warner'.”

What is chapter 67 verse 30 quran? ›

(67:30) Say to them: “Did you even consider: if all the water that you have (in the wells) were to sink down into the depths of the earth, who will produce for you clear, flowing water?

What is surah 67 verse 19? ›

Ayah al-Mulk (The Sovereignty, Control, The Kingdom) 67:19. Have they not seen the birds above them, spreading and folding their wings? None holds them up except the Most Compassionate. Indeed, He is All-Seeing of everything.

What is verse 67 of surah Baqarah? ›

(2:67) And then recall when Moses said to his people: “Behold, Allah commands you to slaughter a cow.” They said: “Are you jesting with us?” Moses answered: “I seek refuge in Allah that I should behave in the manner of the ignorant.”

Can I read Surah Mulk while lying in bed? ›

There is nothing wrong with reading the Quran from the Mus-haf while lying down in bed or on the ground.

Which surah is for night sleep? ›

3 Surahs we can read before sleeping

Before going to sleep, we can also read the 'Three Quls' (Surah Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas). As narrated by Aisyah r.a. Every night before Rasulullah s.a.w.

Can I read Surah Mulk during periods? ›

The permissibility in this issue is supported by the Qadim qaul of Imam Syafie who said: “It is permissible for menstruating women to recite al-Quran.” To conclude, reciting al-Quran for women who are menstruating is PERMISSIBLE according to the reasons explained.

Can I sleep and recite Quran? ›

If a person recites the Quran while he is standing, lying on his bed or in other positions, it is permissible and he is rewarded.” To conclude, we would like to state that the ruling of reciting the Quran when a person is lying down is permissible. This shows that Islam is a religion of ease and flexibility.

Which dua to read before sleep? ›

Before sleeping - 2

Allahumma innaka khalaqta nafsee wa-anta tawaffaha, laka mamatuha wamahyaha in ahyaytaha fahfathha, wa-in amattaha faghfir laha. Allahumma innee as-alukal-AAafiyah. O Allah, verily You have created my soul and You shall take its life, to You belongs its life and death.

Does listening to Surah Mulk protect you? ›

Peace and Blessings on his Messenger

Surah Al-Mulk is the 67th Surah of the Holy Qur'an. It is situated in the 29th portion (juz) of the Holy Qur'an. It is “the Protective (Al-Waaqiyah)” because it protects the person who recites it and possesses it in his heart.

What is Quranic verse 7 13? ›

Ayah al-A`raf (The Heights, The Elevated Places) 7:13. [God] said: "Down with thee, then, from this [state] -for it is not meet for thee to show arrogance here! Go forth, then: verily, among the humiliated shalt thou be!" Allah said, “Then get down from Paradise!

What is the verse 67 12 in the Quran? ›

12. Verily, those who fear their Lord inwardly, theirs shall be forgiveness and a great Reward. 13. Whether you keep your talk secret or disclose it, Verily, He is the Omniscient of what is in the breasts.

What is sura 13 ayat 7? ›

(13:7) Those who refused to believe in you say: "Why has no (miraculous) sign been sent down upon him from his Lord?"15 You are only a warner, and every people has its guide. 15. This showed their mentality.

What does Quran 5 67 mean? ›

Translation. (5:67) O Messenger! Deliver what has been revealed to you from your Lord, for if you fail to do that, you have not fulfilled the task of His messengership. Allah will certainly protect you from the evil of men. Surely Allah will not guide the unbelievers (to succeed against you).

What is the meaning of 67 5 in the Quran? ›

67:5). The word 'masabih' (translated above as 'lamps' ) stands for 'stars'. The fact that the sky is decorated with stars does not necessarily imply that they should be studded with them inside or under the sky.

What is the meaning of 8 67 in Quran? ›

(8:67) It behoves not a Prophet to take captives until he has sufficiently suppressed the enemies in the land. You merely seek the gains of the world whereas Allah desires (for you the good) of the Hereafter. Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.

What is Quran 3 verse 67? ›

Ayah al-Imran (The Family of Imran, The House of Imran) 3:67. Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian; he submitted in all uprightness and was not a polytheist. Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was one who turned away from all that is false, a monotheist who submitted to God; never an idolater.

What does Quran 3 67 says? ›

(3:67) Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian; he was a Muslim, wholly devoted to God. And he certainly was not amongst those who associate others with Allah in His divinity. 59. The word hanif denotes someone who turns his face away from all other directions in order to follow one particular course.

What does Quran 67 1 mean? ›

(67:1) Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion of the Universe, and Who has power over everything; 1. Tabaraka is a superlative from barkat. Barkat comprehends the meanings of exaltation and greatness, abundance and plentiful, permanence and multiplicity of virtues and excellences.

What is surah 67 verse 15? ›

(67:15) He it is Who made the earth subservient to you. So traverse in its tracks and partake of the sustenance23 He has provided. To Him will you be resurrected.

What is surah 67 verse 22? ›

(67:22) Who is better guided: he who walks grovelling on his face, or he who walks upright on a Straight Path? 32. Walking fallen on his face: walking with face turned down like the cattle on the same track on which someone put him.

What is surah 67 verse 28? ›

(67:28) Say to them: “Did you ever consider: whether Allah destroys me and those that are with me, or shows mercy to us, who can protect the unbelievers from a grievous chastisement?

What is surah 33 verse 67? ›

(33:67) They will say: “Our Lord, we obeyed our chiefs and our great ones, and they turned us away from the Right Way.

What is surah 21 verse 67? ›

(21:66) Abraham said: "Do you, then, worship beside Allah a thing that can neither benefit you nor hurt you? (21:67) Fie upon you and upon all that you worship beside Allah.

What is surah 23 verse 67? ›

Ayah al-Mu`minun (The Believers) 23:67. [and,] impelled by your arrogance, you would talk senselessly far into the night.” boasting of the Sacred House, and babbling ˹nonsense about the Quran˺ by night.” in arrogance, amusing yourself by talking nonsense about them far into the night."

Is it OK to read Quran on phone? ›

But ultimately, reading from the actual holy book and memorising it is the most favoured method. On the other hand, a fatwa released last year stressed that when one is performing daily prayers, it is forbidden to hold on to a mobile phone and read out the duaa (supplications) and Quranic verses as it is a distraction.

Is it OK to read Quran on phone during period? ›

Scholars of fiqh agree that someone who is not purified CANNOT touch the Quran because Allah says in the Quran “None shall touch it except the purified” (Waqiah: 79). This includes the junub (sexually impure), the menstruating woman, as well as someone without wudhu.

Can I recite Surah Mulk in the morning? ›

You can recite it during the day until you familiarise yourself with the surah, but thereafter strive to recite it at some point after Maghrib.

Which surah protects from evil at night? ›

Additionally, one can recite Surah Al-Falaq (the 113th chapter of the Quran) which begins with “Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind” to protect oneself from all forms of harm and danger. Reciting these prayers regularly will provide protection against any form of danger or harm.

Which surah to sleep peacefully? ›

Murattal Al-Quran Surah Ar-Rahman Improves Elderly Sleep Quality.

What is the powerful night in Islam? ›

Laylat al-Qadr, (Arabic: “Night of Power”) Islamic festival that commemorates the night on which God first revealed the Qurʾān to the Prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibrīl). It is believed to have taken place on one of the final 10 nights of Ramadan in 610 ce, though the exact night is unclear.

Can you pray on your period? ›

But it does not mention forbidding prayers, however it is mentioned in the hadith which states that women should not pray during menstruation and that they don't have to make up for the missed prayers during this period. God requires prayer to help people stay on the good path away from bad deeds.

What is allowed during menstruation in Islam? ›

Third: Islam allows husbands to enjoy the entire body of the womans during menstruation except between the navel and the knee (Mustafa, 2000). Fourth: Islam also prohibits a husband from having sexual intercourse with a wife who has no menstrual blood before performing a purification bath (ghusl).

Can I do dhikr on my period? ›

– Even if you are cooking or lying in bed due to pain, you can still do dhikr and duʿā'.

What is chapter 67 verse 30 Quran? ›

(67:30) Say to them: “Did you even consider: if all the water that you have (in the wells) were to sink down into the depths of the earth, who will produce for you clear, flowing water?

What is sura 5 verse 67? ›

(5:67) O Messenger! Deliver what has been revealed to you from your Lord, for if you fail to do that, you have not fulfilled the task of His messengership. Allah will certainly protect you from the evil of men. Surely Allah will not guide the unbelievers (to succeed against you).

What is sura 16 verse 67? ›

Ayah an-Nahl (The Bee) 16:67. And from the fruits of palm trees and grapevines you derive intoxicants as well as wholesome provision. Surely in this is a sign for those who understand. And from the fruits of the palm trees and grapevines you obtain intoxicant as well as good provision.

What is sura 66 verse 4? ›

4. If you two turn in repentance to Allah, it will be better for you, since your hearts have turned away from the truth, but if you conspire against him, you may not achieve anything. Then, verily Allah is his Protector and Gabriel and the righteous believers,2 and furthermore, the angels are his helpers.

What is sura 4 ayat 64? ›

(4:64) (And tell them that) We never sent a Messenger but that he should be obeyed by the leave of Allah. If whenever they wronged themselves they had come to you praying to Allah for forgiveness, and had the Messenger prayed for their forgiveness, they would indeed have found Allah All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.

What is sura 47 ayat 7? ›

(47:7) Believers, if you aid Allah, He will come to your aid12 and will plant your feet firmly. (47:8) As to those who disbelieve, perdition lies in store for them13 and Allah has reduced their works to nought. (47:9) That was because they were averse to what Allah had revealed;14 so He let their works go to waste.

What is Quran 23 verse 67? ›

Ayah al-Mu`minun (The Believers) 23:67. [and,] impelled by your arrogance, you would talk senselessly far into the night.” boasting of the Sacred House, and babbling ˹nonsense about the Quran˺ by night.” in arrogance, amusing yourself by talking nonsense about them far into the night."

What does Quran 9 67 say? ›

The hypocrites are the disobedient ones. [9:67] The hypocrites, be they men or women, are all alike. They enjoin what is evil, and forbid what is good, and withhold their hands from doing good. They forgot Allah, so Allah also forgot them.


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