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Would you like to buy high-quality, elegant crystal glass from one of the leading crystal manufacturers in the industry? You want to drink wine or champagne with style and elegance in the future. Do you work in the wine trade and are you looking for additional products to sell? Or are you simply looking for a high-quality drinking glass for everyday use? Then you've come to the right place with the Arnstadt Kristall brand, because as a manufacturer we have a huge range of crystal glass as well as crystal vases and bowls made of crystal glass. Discover more than 2,500 attractions in Arnstadt KristallCrystal glassesFor every price and every budget. Whether it's a cheap crystal mug, a colorful mug or an expensive crystal mug, they all have one thing in common: they are heavy and comfortable to hold.

I amoptician shopAt Arnstadt Kristall you can buy high-quality crystal glasses individually or in sets, buy whiskey glasses, buy carafes and jugs, buy wine glasses and champagne glasses.

Do you have questions about our range, your order or something similar? Or would you like to hear detailed advice and advice from our experts? Then please contact us! You can reach us quickly and easily via our contact form or call us on our toll-free hotline:03628 66 00 33

Your advantage in the ARNSTADT crystal glass shop

At ARNSTADT Kristall you enter the world of shopping directly from the manufacturer. Here you will find a wide variety of gift ideas made of crystal glass, which you can order as a set. You don't live in Germany, but still want to order from us? No problem, with our worldwide shipping we can send your new glasses to wherever you want. As long as you order more than 50 euros in our web shop, you will not incur any shipping costs within Germany. Do you live in or near Arnstadt (Thuringia) and don't want to wait for your new crockery to be sent to you by post? Then come visit us in person! You can pick up all products ordered online from our central warehouse in the center of Arnstadt. In short, we sell and ship all Arnstadt brand crystal glasses

  • After personal consultation enthusiastic
  • In top condition and highest quality
  • Free shipping within Germany from an order value of 50 EUR
  • alone or in groups
  • Nobelsse is packaged in a blue box with logo (or red box with gold logo).

Even after the purchase, Arnstadt Kristall offers a lotsurchargelike:

  • Clean and polish your lenses (this will be necessary as the lenses are used).
  • Repair crystal, wine and champagne glasses of all shapes and sizes
  • Crystal glass frame
  • If sanding is not possible, install a new style
  • Personalized engraving on glasses

… and everythingto a cheap price, mainly for local customers to use in our factory outlet store. You can also use these services as an online customer.

High-quality crystal glass made of lead crystal glass from ARNSTADT Kristall

ARNSTADT Kristall has been a manufacturer of high-quality crystal glass for a long time and is now one of the leading producers in the industry. if you are famousRomans(e.g. Weinroman) or modern champagne flutes, only herereal lead crystalneeded. The quantity of lead crystals is reflected in the price, but can be reduced by numerous offers. Individual pieces fetch top prices on platforms such as Ebay, so buying is an investment. Clear shapes are the dominant feature of glass that runs through every collection. In addition, the unique cut of this series of glasses is also convincing.

The lead crystal glass from ARNSTADT Kristall is high-quality and contemporary, made with gold, platinum and filigree accents. This is what distinguishes ARNSTADT Kristall and today enjoys an excellent reputation among customers worldwide. Even after many years, the Arnstadt crystal glass is still in the same condition as on the first day.

Classic Roman and modern crystal collection from Arnstadt

From the classic crystal glasses to the famous onesRose quartz Roman(e.g. Weinromaner) and the latest crystal glass trends from ARNSTADT Kristall, you can combine your own set of glasses with the glasses you need. We can supply you with individual glasses (e.g. champagne glasses) as well as sets with 2, 4 or 6 glasses. Your favorite collection will be delivered to you in a beautiful branded box, certified and beautifully packaged. you cancolored cupsOrder individually or as a gift set, along with different sized glasses.

The stock of crystals in Arnstadt is kept seasonally high to meet the high demand for the festivities. Even with larger quantities, the glasses are produced according to the strictest quality requirements.

Ideal for sophisticated, stylish occasions, our Harmony Gold glasses impress with their minimalist design and highest quality. For a fraction of the price you get well-cut glasses that are often bought in sets. Whether champagne glasses, water glasses or cocktail glasses. The possibilities are huge and overwhelming at the same time.

An alternative to the Harmony Gold collection is our Harmony Platinum collection, which impresses with its infinite elegance. Since the series is based on Harmony products, the product range can be expanded at will.

As an addition to the Primerose range, Primerose Gold brings fresh shine to the dining table. Here you get transparent shapes in different colors, such as a noble ruby ​​red with a 24-carat gold rim. Art Nouveau carvings are very popular with young and old.

Bring pure luxury into your home with our Arabesque collection! Distinguished by their symmetrical deep cut, these glasses feature delicate gold accents accented by narrow, elegant gold rims. Due to the height of the glasses, the filigree pattern appears discreet and dignified. The prices are in the upper range, so these glasses are mostly bought in Arab countries.

Are you looking for a glass set for the whole family? Then our London collection is for you. The collection is available in 3 versions and you can find the color that matches your tableware in our online store. Whether gold rim, platinum rim or plain, these glasses can be combined and combined according to your taste. In addition to wine glasses, mugs or champagne glasses, you will also find stamps and jugs with this decor.

Do you like elegant glasses with a men's toilet look? Vintage glasses from the 1920s? Our Oxford collection offers you simple design, non-slip surface and highest quality. From the gold rim to the platinum rim, the Oxford series is also unadorned. So there is always something that suits your taste.

Our glass collection Empire is also one of the most popular glasses from ARNSTADT Kristall. Mouth-blown and hand-cut glasses are cut with a combination of straight and oval elements and round off the luxurious style with a feminine touch. Many restaurateurs swear by this collection!

With a 24k gold honeycomb rim, the Bloom collection instantly brings the atmosphere of fine wine to your table. The light and sky blue glasses in particular are among the most popular products in our online shop. So we added water bottles, jugs and matching vases and bowls. If you want colour, we can also produce the collection for you in ruby ​​red, amber, emerald green and cobalt blue. The gold content of this series is very high, which is why many customers use itBuy glasses as an investment

Another highlight in our collection is the Princess Collection, which was developed together with the Noble brand. Bring 1001 stars into your home with this royal filigree decoration! The penchant for opulent appearances and the royal use of the finest gold is clearly visible in this collection, where every piece exudes royal glamour.

The stylishly designed, hand-cut bowls from Royal are just the thing for a modern and stylish drink service. We offer these unique wide gold rimmed glasses and decanters made from 24k gold. What they all have in common, however, is that they all have subtle embossing and unusual cuts, i.e. they have a royal touch.

In the hospitality industry, the Monrose Gold Collection is one of the most popular collections. With their classic shape, they are a must-have for every restaurant. The glasses are gold rimmed to ensure a unique shine and the glass is master cut with delicate flowers. This sophisticated decor really comes into its own on cognac glasses and shot glasses.

Famous Romans such as Weinroman can be found in the Dresden, Santra or Traube collections. Dresden cuts resemble slingshot stars and grapes with tendrils. These cuts are old but still very popular. what areal Roman crystal glassWe've done it for you.

good qualityLiqueur glassCrystal glass is particularly suitable as a high-quality gift. A set of 2 liqueurs plus a glass of unique liqueur beautifully packaged. You already have a noble present, for example a birthday or anniversary present.

Crystal glasses in the glass shop - many options for private and gourmet

For whom are Arnstadt crystal glasses suitable? Crystal glass from Arnstadt in Thuringia is valued and bought all over the world. The Arnstadt brand has earned a solid reputation for its unique quality over the years. In addition to collectors, private individuals and restaurants will also find what they are looking forhigh quality crystal glasses. When choosing a crystal glass, you will find the glass that best suits your taste. Crystal glasses with carved flowers, soUnique pieces with a unique touch. Collectors appreciate a wide range of products, individuals appreciate a large variety of products at different prices and restaurateurs appreciateUnsurpassed glass quality. Customers prefer options other than crystal glass. Here everyone will find something from the following collections:

  • colorful crystal vase
  • clearly crystal clear
  • Colorful crystal bowls
  • clear crystal bowl
  • Colored and clear glass water bottles
  • Crystal Box and Crystal Goblet
  • Colorful cups and glasses
  • Colorful drinking glasses with modern decor
  • Classic cut clear water glass
  • shot glass or stamp

Time flies, but even after many years, the glasses and water bottles from the Arnstadt manufacturer remain in a condition that is difficult to find with other brands. Top quality gives you the peace of mind that you are buying from the right manufacturer. Noble crystal glasses can be worn both in everyday life and on special occasions.

Collectors sometimes keep Arnstadt glasses as collectibles in showcases. Auction bids on Ebay and Co. increase quickly, but pay off after a few years. Art Nouveau glasses were particularly popular. This data is then collected independently of the brand. Collectors sell these works at top prices on the platform. Others collect these glasses as a store of value or just for the good looks.

Restaurateurs appreciate the excellent service from Arnstadt Kristall, which also includes early receipt of samples from new collections or individual engravings. This is how winemakers order the wine glasses from the Traube series to see if they fit into their range.

Not only men like heavy glasses. But mostly men buy vintage-look whiskey glasses from Arnstadt Kristall. This refers to vintage whiskey glasses from the 1920s. It's not about the condition of the whiskey glass or how old the glass is, but about the classic cut from back then. Of course, women also buy these whiskey glasses with fine whiskey, mostly as a gift for their husband. Afterwards they reminisce with friends over a good whiskey. The next event will definitely come.

Bars and bartenders attach particular importance to discreetly engraved mugs, so-called long drink glasses, so as not to distract from cocktails and creative creations. However, light-colored glasses require a particularly deep cut, which is noticeable with colored cocktails. Of course, the weight of the cocktail glasses also ensures a secure stand for every guest tray. The modern style also helps enhance the bar's image. The glass can be used both as a drinking glass and as a cocktail glass.


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