How to Water Outdoor Plants After a Month of Absence: A Guide (2023)

Maybe you want to knowHow to water outdoor plants after leaving them for a month.Luckily, there are solutions like watering bulbs and flower bulbs, soaking tubing, and a few others.How to Water Outdoor Plants After a Month of Absence: A Guide (1)

Today, let's take a look at some of the best ways to water plants outdoors, even if you're away for a long time.


  • How do you water outdoor plants when you're not at home?
    • 1. Ask your neighbors
    • 2. Set up a drip irrigation system
    • 3. Build a micro greenhouse
    • 4. Make the wick (bottle method)
    • 5. Put some plants in the bathtub when you are on vacation
  • How do you keep potted plants hydrated when you're on the go?
    • 1. Shade your plants
    • 2. Place the pots together to create humidity
  • How do you keep your lawn and garden well hydrated when you are outside?
    • 1. Test your system beforehand
    • 2. Let your lawn rest
  • How do I restore the plants when I come back?
    • 1. Check the plants
    • 2. water
    • 3. Cut off dead leaves
  • finally

How do you water outdoor plants when you're not at home?

To water your outdoor plants while you're away from home, you should at least have some of itOwnirrigation systemin place. Watering Bulbs, Watering Bulbs, Soaker Hoses, and Watering Methods You may have heard of some of these. But the help of a good neighbor or some DIY projects can also help.

1. Ask your neighbors

if you have oneFriends who know about plantsThey can come by a few times a week in your absence to help water your outdoor and indoor plants. If you plan ahead, even a cautious, plant-ignorant person can be helpful in an emergency.

Also try to check thishow much and how oftenEach plant needs to be watered a few weeks before you leave. Then give your grower specific instructions, such as, "Water this plant 12 cups every weekend."

2. Set up a drip irrigation system

You can install adrip irrigation system, slowly and evenly release water directly to the plant roots. The system can be configured with a timer and water tank to ensure your plants get the water they need even when you are away.How to Water Outdoor Plants After a Month of Absence: A Guide (2)

automatic irrigation systemThe assembly is very simple, no special tools are required (except the hole punch included in the kit) and you can arrange them according to the design of your garden or the needs of your containers. A simple drip irrigation system costs about $100 but will last for many years. You can even change it as the plant grows.watering plantsIt will never be easier.

3. Build a micro greenhouse

If you don't have many plants, you can purchase a water recycling terrarium or build your own from a large, clear containerPlastic bag.This is also known asOwnwater the pots -Similar to automatic watering basins on the market.

Place the opened pouch on a waterproof floor in a warm room out of direct sunlight. This plant watering technology waters the plants automatically.

To avoid tearing the bag,Gently place a wet towel on topPlace as many well-watered potted plants as possible on the towel at the bottom. Pull the sides of the bag up over the plants, blow on the bag to inflate and screw the lid on. Secure it with zip ties or rubber bands.

Excess water flows back into the potting soil, where it is reabsorbed by the roots after being released from the plant's leaves.

4. Make the wick (bottle method)

You can put it indoors and outdoorsSimple wicking systemIf you have large, immobile plants, don't use plastic bags or have too many to move. You'll need a water storage container and absorbent, moisture-wicking material (e.g. roving, scraps of natural fiber rope, or cotton t-shirt ties), along with a container such as a bucketplastic bottles, water bottles, wine bottles,bowl or bucket.

Set out a container with waternext to the plant; it can accommodate multiple pots if the container is large enough. Insert one end of the wick into the water, making sure it can reach the bottom of the container, and insert the other end into the plant's moist soil about three inches deep to avoid drinking when the plant is growing severely dehydrated. As the soil dries, the water moves the wick up to rehydrate it.

5. Put some plants in the bathtub when you are on vacation

If you're lucky, most of your plants don't need a lot of light, in case you're wonderingHow to water plants after leaving them for a weekor more. For plants that don't need a lot of sun but like a humid environment, such as tropical plants, placing them in the bathroom is ideal. Note that this might work if you're only away for a week. However, if you leave it for a long period of time, the plants can suffer.

How do you keep potted plants hydrated when you're on the go?

To keep the potted plants hydrated while you're away, you can move the plants to a more shady spot and keep the pots togethercreate a microclimate– Create moisture and add mulch to retain water. These steps go a long way in ensuring hydration.

1. Shade your plants

Rearrange pots and hanging basketsshadow positionMost of the day, especially in the afternoon. If no other awnings are available, put them in the garage. About a week of poor light may result in reduced plant growth or flowering, but plants will recover. However, moving a flower pot from its usual location and piling up newspapers or mail may be a sign that you are out of town.

2. Place the pots together to create humidity

group containerTogether they create a humid microclimate that helps save water. Covering the bottom surface of the container with a layer of bark mulch will also help retain moisture.How to Water Outdoor Plants After a Month of Absence: A Guide (3)

How do you keep your lawn and garden well hydrated when you are outside?

To keep your lawn and outdoor garden well-moisturized, there are two basic steps you can take: You shouldTest your system in advanceFor example, install an irrigation system and test how the timer works in advance. In addition, you can simply leave your lawn alone.

1. Test your system beforehand

Install yoursirrigation systemAnd test several timer settings in advance, preferably a few days, to see which works best. For example, a row of freshly planted seeds may need a half-hour watering every morning, while a row of mature blueberry bushes may require a weekly deep treatment for two hours each.How to Water Outdoor Plants After a Month of Absence: A Guide (4)

2. Let your lawn rest

While this may seem like the most counterproductive, it is when you have your owngarden bedGetting a little sleep can serve as a coping mechanism. The day before you leave, mow your lawn to the usual height. Always mulch your grass clippings rather than bagging them as they will rot and beautify your yard while you're away.

Don't worry about the subsequent watering, just let your lawn be seeded. For grass it serves asUseful coping skills.When you get back, give him a good watering and when he starts growing again, feed him your favorite lawn food.

How do I restore the plants when I come back?

To restore the plants after your return, you should check the plants -It may not actually be deador badly damaged - see if they can be salvaged. After that, you should water them, but not too much. Cut off dead leaves - be brutal - and watch your plants grow back to health!

1. Check the plants

When it comes to plants, the word "dead" is relative. If you take a closer look, your plant is by no means deadDespite his looks.If the plants are still green, you're probably still in business. If the stalk shows signs of greening, you have an opportunity to revive it.How to Water Outdoor Plants After a Month of Absence: A Guide (5)

2. water

If you've been away for at least a month, plants can dry out, which is likely the case for many people. what symptomsthirsty plantexhibit? The leaves begin to dry out and turn brown at the tips before dying and falling off. In addition, the dirt in the pot will tear and detach from the sides.

Of course, water is the solution here, but proper watering of dying plants is crucial. Start giving regularlyplant watering sessionWhen you come back, see if things are going better. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you should overwater your plants. Water gradually, watching how the plant is doing each time.

3. Cut off dead leaves

you need toremove dead leavesOf rotting plants like you most likely will have. The hard point: if the leaves are completely brown, they won't grow back; focus on new growth instead. Cut off the dead leaves by gently grasping them with scissors, scissors, or your fingertips. dead leaves usuallyfall off the stickIt's effortless, but if you need to pull vigorously, use scissors.


With the tips above, you can relax while you're away from home, knowing that the plants behind you are being well cared for.remember:

  • Before you head out, try out your watering method of choice to see how it works and if it's right for you.
  • It is always good to ask your neighbors, friends or relatives for help. So don't hesitate.
  • Once back, we recommend giving your plants a thorough check and restoring them to normal. It may take some effort, but everything will be fine.

Now you areEverything is ready, leave your plantsEven when you're not there, you can relax and be well taken care of!

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