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Our partnership with Corning and their Med-X line of 0.75mm lead radiation shielding lenses allows us to improve the adaptability and visual acuity of the human eye while providing maximum protection, durability and comfort. These lenses specifically block harmful raysscattered radiationAt the same time, users are offered less eye fatigue and better vision.

Offering unmatched comfort, fit, form and function, our Leaded eyewear collection allows users to focus and stay focused while maximizing customer safety.

Barrier Technologies® lead lenses:

Our product line includes new technologies that improve safety, performance and comfort for all healthcare professionals working in see-through environments. We invite you to browse our premier eyewear catalog to learn how we are leaders in radiation protective eyewearanti-radiation productsBy setting the standard for quality and customer service.

“Your safety is our concern”™

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Radiation exposure poses a major risk to the eyes of healthcare professionals who routinely use X-rays. To reduce this risk, Barrier Technologies has developed a wide range of lead-containing eyewear. ourAnti-radiation glassesProtects the eyes 100% from stray radiation.

In addition to protection, ourAnti-radiation glassesOffers many other benefits including:

  1. Highest lead content in the industry
  2. Goggles that fit your eyesight exactly
  3. The lenses do not yellow over time
  4. Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare
  5. Anti-fog coating for improved performance
  6. Our catalog includes frames from Rudy Project, Oakley, Costa and other major eyewear brands

Read on to learn more about our industry-leading companylead glassesorDownload our glasses catalogueLearn more about each pairlead glassesdetailed.

X-ray goggles are required

While occasional exposure to radiation is harmless, continuous lifetime exposure to low-dose radiation (LDR) can seriously damage the eyes.

Without proper eye protection, cardiologists, radiologists and other medical professionals who use X-rays put themselves at increased risk for pre-cataract lesions, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal damage, dry eyes and even blindness. The higher the level of exposure, the higher the risk of damage.

What happens if you don't wear radiation safety goggles?

If medical professionals do not wear lead-containing glasses to protect themselves from radiation, they are exposing themselves to an unnecessary risk of eye damage. For example, doctors who don't wear lead glasses are at much higher risk of developing cataracts than doctors who do.

Without proper protection, stray radiation will freely affect the body, and when it does, the radiation will damage atoms in the cells of the eye. Radiation penetration affects cell division and leads to cell death in the lens of the eye. This is particularly damaging to the eye as the lens tends to fail due to the lens' inability to remove damaged cells. As the cells continue to break down with each new exposure to radiation, they can grow on the lens, blocking the light and forming a cataract.

While cataracts are the most common condition caused by forgetting to wear radiation safety goggles, they are not the only condition.

Also, leaving your x-ray goggles on the table puts you at risk of glaucoma, retinal damage, dry eye and even blindness.

How anti-radiation glasses protect your eyes

To protect the eyes from radiation, lead glasses should be worn when using X-ray technology.

Lead goggles block X-rays due to lead's high atomic mass. Radiation waves can easily penetrate lighter elements such as carbon and calcium, but are blocked in their orbit by heavy lead, which has an atomic density of 207 (by comparison, calcium has an atomic mass of 40).

How does this work? Atomic mass measures the density of atoms in an element. Atoms in lighter elements are spaced apart to allow radiation to pass through, while atoms in heavier elements like lead and titanium are packed closer together. When a radiation wave hits the walls of the lead atom in X-ray goggles, energy is transferred from the radiation wave to the lead. This prevents the radiation from entering its orbit and protects your eyes.

Anti-radiation glasses should be usedDiffuse shield diffuserAnd additional linen protection on the body, neck and head for maximum protection.

Best Radiation Safety Goggles - Anti-Glare, Anti-Fog & Prescription Needed

At Barrier Technologies, we make the toughest radiation-resistant eyewear in the industry. We achieve this by investing heavily in lens surface treatment technology and by working with Corning, the leading US supplier of eyeglass lenses.

Corning's Med-X® lens is 0.75mm thick and has the industry's highest concentration of lead to block 100% of harmful eye radiation. Compared to foreign-made lenses that yellow over time, Corning's US-made Med-X® lens never tarnishes. The invariant color ensures that your safety eyewear retains excellent optical clarity throughout its lifetime.

Three additional features that set Barrier Technologies X-ray protective eyewear apart from the competition are:

  • our specialty coatings;
  • ability to provide accurate recipes;
  • Our extensive inventory of frames from your favorite eyewear manufacturers.

ClearView coating for optimal clarity

To ensure our eyewear maintains its status as the best radiation protective eyewear available, we offer a special ClearView coating that allows you to customize your eyewear to suit your work environment.

You can finish your glasses with one or both of the following coatings:

  1. ClearView AR (Antireflexion):Reduces glare and helps you continue working in bright light
  2. ClearView AF (Anti-seize):Prevents the formation of fog and condensation on the glasses

The ClearView coating is exclusive to Barrier Technologieslead glassesAnd is a great example of our commitment to providing quality products to the healthcare industry.

prescription lead glasses

Traditionally, it was difficult to replicate recipes in lead glasses. However, with the introduction of innovative prescription software such as our Digital Lens Finishing System, we are able to offer our customers somethingLead glassesThere are precise recipes for them.

With our digital lens finishing system, we can offer our customers anti-fatigue single vision glasses, high-resolution bifocals and personalized progressive lenses with surcharges of up to +4.50.

When you order your lead eyewear from Barrier Technologies, you can ensure maximum protection against eye fatigue.

lead glass fittings

We carry a wide range of accessories with every order of leaded safety eyewear. This contains:

  1. ARCFF refresh solution for lenses with ClearView AF coating
  2. cleaning kit
  3. a protective cover
  4. and straps

We can also provide you withprotective gloves, lead-containing thyroid collars andprotective apronto improve your radiation protection.

The world's leading brand of radiation protective eyewear

Our Med-X® Glass lenses are available in over 50 styles to order, with frames from some of the top names in eyewear including Oakley, Rudy Project, Costa, Ray Ban and WileyX.

We offer frames that are break-resistant, have state-of-the-art ergonomic features, and are made from a variety of high-performance materials such as titanium and carbon fiber.


we allOakleyLead glasses feature stress-resistant O-Matter frames—a proprietary frame material made from a lightweight, strong nylon composite.

In terms of styles, we offer eight Oakley Lead Radiant frames including:

  • Gascogne.Stylish, minimalist design optimized for all-day comfort.
  • The fuel cell.Modern radiology glasses equipped with non-slip unobtanium zones.
  • on both sides.Unique high-strength composite frame combining O-Matter and aluminum.
  • five square.Minimalist radiation safety goggles that offer light protection.
  • Networking.Futuristic frame combining O-Matter and Unobtainium offers superior comfort and style.
  • this rope.Bold radiation goggles with side shield X-ray protection.
  • direct connection.A lightweight, stripped-down frame for those who prioritize comfort over style.
  • Holbrook RX.Modern protection with vintage aesthetics.

All of our lead lenses for radiology offer a lead protection of at least 0.75 mm.

Bleigläser coast

We stock a wide range of stylish Costa radiation safety eyewear including:

  • Blackfin processor.The sturdy frame provides lens and side protection.
  • Sole.The slim frame features Hydrolite non-slip rubber and ventilation holes to reduce fogging.
  • Kap.Large frame for X-ray lead glasses with integrated vents and side shields.
  • fan tail.The optimized DBL design prevents the frame of your x-ray lead glasses from leaning against your face.
  • allow.Bold radiation safety goggles with side shields. . Ideal for medium to large faces.
  • tuna track.Total protection combined with DBL, Hydrolite and vents for maximum comfort.

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Rudy Project radiation safety goggles

Rudy Project frames combine best-in-class ergonomics with premium materials like titanium and carbon fiber to create durable and comfortable X-ray protective eyewear. We offer several Rudy Project frameworks including:

  • competitor.The stylish frame is made of carbon fiber and titanium alloy and is equipped with an integrated shield for maximum side protection.
  • voltage。 Lead goggles feature Rudy Projects' proprietary Ergonose System - an advanced nose pad technology that ensures these eyewear frames fit any nose.
  • Sensor.Futuristic hybrid frame made of kynetium and titanium.

Other brands of radioactive lead glasses

In addition to the brands listed above, we also stock a wide range of Nike eyewear and frames from WileyX, Barrier Brazen and Ray-Ban.

Catalog of all our X-ray glasses

Our extensive catalog of leaded eyewear includes everything from minimalist fashion to rugged tactical protection and full face masks.

In addition to our industry-leading eye protection products, we also supply the healthcare industry with innovative radiation protection aprons, protective gloves,mobile lead shield, and otherProtective x-ray equipment.

Do I have to wear radiation protection goggles?

Still undecided about leaded glass? Here are some simple questions to help you determine if lead safety eyewear is a necessary expense in your workplace:

  • Are you wearing any other lead protection?If your job requires a lead apron,thyroid collaror some other form of shielding, then you should also wear lead x-ray goggles.
  • Do you often have X-rays?Then it's a good idea to loosen up the depositsradiation effectsWith anti-radiation lead glasses.

Barrier Technologies - the world's leading manufacturer of radiation-resistant eyewear

Barrier Technologies is America's leading manufacturer of radiation protective eyewear. Our partnerships with leading eyewear companies such as Corning, Rudy Project and Oakley allow us to offer our customers long-lasting leaded eyewear.

Our lenses are suitable for every RX type, regardless of whether they are flat, single vision, bifocal or personalized progressive lenses.

Don't risk your eye health. Wearing lead glasses is an easy way to reduce the harmful effects of X-rays and maintain clear vision for years to come.

Learn more about ourInnovative radiation solutionsAndCT protective sleeve, visit ourOverview of lead-containing glassessection or please download ourCatalog of leaded glasses, orcontact us today.

Other products from Barrier Technologies:

Radiation protection gloves
Anti-radiation glasses
Radiation protection accessories
Apron cleaning wipes
Radiation protection apron
thyroid shield
safety shielding mat
Curtains for X-ray tables
mobile lead shield
CT protective sleeve
Dental radiation protection
Ultraflex dental X-ray protective apron

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